1 Day Left to get BNKRI Aidrop


FMA x BNKRI Airdrop

BNKRI is a hot or a biggest comunitty in indonesia. They are create a new Token at TRON Network TRC-20 “Bitcoinkri” or all we know is BNKRI.

How to get the airdrop ? ? ?

follow the rules down below :

  1. you must provide liquidity for FMA token at justswap with ration 5 : 1. 5 FMA will get 1 BNKRI. Participant did’nt have to buy 5 FMA it just to calculated how BNKRI send to participant. Follow this link https://folmac.com
  2. Dont Remove you’re LP before airdrop ended. Or you can hold you’re LP to got passive income with justswap and FMA.
  3. Event Start Jan 8, 21- Jan 18, 21.

Best Regard

FMA Team.