FMA Registred at new Indonesian Social Media “DejaveKita”

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2 min readFeb 7, 2021


Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Night it depends on your location now. i hope god bless us and keep healthy.
Today we are very happy, because Dejave Product has been lauched this week. Dejavekita is a social media whom created by Dejave Team.

Follow My Account (FMA) is an ecosystem of dejave itself.

As we know, Dejavekita is social media likes Facebook,Twitter and Etc. you can join and registred as a member at dejavekita. you can get a lot of money at dejavekita. Dejavekita have an affiliate link which is used to earn some money for free.

Come and join with Indonesian Phenomenal Social Media !
DejaveKita is a live !

this is first user interface dejavekita social media :

Homepage at Dejavekita
And this is Profile at Dejavekita

Don’t forget about news & event FMA token. “GAPATGANAM” is a new event at FMA token, what is that ? wait and see. And stay tuned at our social media :

Official Website

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