Hurry UP last minutes to join Add Liquidity Contest with FMA TOKEN

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2 min readMar 1, 2021


FMA add liquidity Contest


Hello Everyone i hope the new month guide us to the better life. Today i will announce you about FMA Add Liquidity Contest.

This event has been running about 3 month. And today is the last week of the event.

Why must FMA ?

FMA is a utility token At Dejavekita FMA is a booster account. If you want more follower, you must buy this token to make your follower boosting.

And What is Dejavekita ?

Dejave kita is social media who made by indonesian communitty they called Dejave team. This social media similiar likes facebook.

You must join and try dejavekita. This social media will be explode in indonesian this year soon !

And how to join the Event add liquidity

This event will be held at 7 Desember 2020. The Prize is 6 FMA. The Winner who doesen’t removing the liquidity until competition finish. Follow the Rules if you want win the prize down below :

  • Doing add liquidity TRX/FMA Pair At Justswap.
  • Mininmum Add Liquidity is 1200 TRX.
  • Every 10 TRX Equals with 1 Point and Applies Multiply.
  • Sent A Screenshoot, down bellow if you have joined the Competition.

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